Apr 14, 2012

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

It’s good to be home. I suppose that’s why we need to travel sometimes, so that we can learn to appreciate home all over again.

I just got back from the Kiwiland, which in fact is home for me too since my family is there. But every time I return, I am still surprised at the breathtaking scenery. It’s unbelievably paradise-like.

Everything is suspiciously picture perfect - the sun, the sea, and the sheep. Ok, I’ve probably heard hundreds of sheep jokes already, but they do resemble fluffy stuffed animals when they are not moving. I can’t really blame the Kiwis for liking them! :p

Apart from all the lunches and dinners with family and friends – the way Chinese connect to each other, I had a weekend trip on Waiheke Island, 45 minutes from Auckland by ferry and famous for its vineyards.

Naturally I visited a winery and tasted the delicious wine. I also went to a flea market, sat in the sun at an outdoor café, ate too much ice cream, and had a walk on the beautiful beach. And on top of all that, there happened to be a jazz festival going on that weekend. So I went to 2 gigs and was very impressed with the Kiwi bands.

Yup, lucky lucky me indeed. From what my family and friends told me, I was extremely lucky with the weather as well. They had a crappy, cold and rainy summer before I arrived, but it was sunny and warm almost every day when I was there. Ha!

But now, unfortunately, I have my newly acquired 2 kilos to deal with. I’ve been keeping a safe distance from the weighing scale since I got back. I wonder when I will have enough courage. But then again, I really have to try those 6 different flavors of Whittaker’s chocolate bars that I brought back. Hmmmm, what a dilemma! :(