Jun 14, 2012

I Wish You Were Dead, You Rascal You


I met one of my old friends the other day and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Hey you look the same, even though you are married now!”

In fact he is not the only one. Many of my male friends are now at lost about how to treat me after I said, “I do” to another man. They either ignore me completely or behave rather awkwardly around me.

I often wonder what men think about married women, but especially now since I’ve recently become one myself. To be honest, I’m still practicing my role as a benign society matron, but somehow I just can’t really perceive myself as a paragon of virtue. Perhaps it’s a bit too dramatic a change from an evil slut!

And what do people expect married women to behave anyway? Should we stop wearing miniskirts and high-heels, only talk about our husbands and children, and exchange recipes with other married women now?

Personally I always feel safer around married men, not that I have anything against single men. But it’s true I lower my self-defense mechanism when I am talking with married men, even though I still pick up some unsavory signals from them sometimes.

It seems that the married status automatically grants us the image of being unthreatening – which is perfectly understandable. But I would really like to know why some of my previously close male friends suddenly consider me as harmless as the dead.