Jul 15, 2012



Knowing winks, glinting eyes, and naughty smiles – the reactions I often get when I talk about Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. with my male Caucasian friends. It’s not a big secret why Caucasian men love to visit Southeastern Asia, usually alone or with their mates. They enjoy being Sex God during their vacation. Girls want them suddenly! They don’t have to make any effort. Girls seem to throw themselves at every white man they see.

Of course the men didn’t expect anything like that or plan for anything to happen. They only buy the flight tickets, get on the plane, and innocently plant themselves at the right place - nightclubs or some famous streets and at the right time.

And when “it” actually happens, ooooops, I just got lucky – they think. And naturally they ignore the phone numbers and email addresses those young girls left for them. Yes yes, they have all been warned by their mates about the gold-diggers in that part of Asia where the average monthly wage is probably not even enough for a square meal back at their comfortable home.

It’s a fair exchange, they get free sex and the girls also get something they are interested in – their body, if not their money. And for those less confident men, not to worry - they can always buy sex. Many girls are for sale, and the men just happen to have the money and are indeed holidaying in the country, so why not? Remember, they didn’t plan anything to happen! It just did!

And the best part is, they can just disappear after they have had enough, unlike having one-night-stands at home with those young Asian girls who want to immigrate.

So now they can all go home after the holiday with a clear conscience, boost egos, satisfied grins, and perhaps something they refuse to believe until the doctor confirms their suspicion.