Oct 12, 2011

Are You Lonesome Tonight


Many of my friends collect friends on Facebook. There seem to be a competition going on there. I think the current winner has more than 1,000 friends in her collection.

Once I tried to log in my FB page in Singapore airport while I was just killing time, waiting for my connecting flight. I had to answer some security questions and give the names of my friends whose pics were chosen randomly by their system.

Of course I recognized all the faces, because they are my friends! I've met them, talked to them and even slept with some of them before!

But how the "popular" people pass this face recognition test? And about those cyber superstars, I also wonder, are they so popular that they are actually lonely? Or are they so lonely that they have to look popular?

And if you further analyze their profiles, you will find they are usually single or unhappily-married (too busy enjoying their cyber fame, no time for real social life) and relatively successful (career-wise anyway).

I often hear people commenting on FB that they have too many friends that they have to clean up their friends' list. It's a mystery to me how they got it dirty in the first place!

Freelancers and artists also use Facebook for business, but potential customers are hardly friends, don’t you think? A name without a face is just an acquaintance in your social network, not a friend.

I suggest we have another list on Facebook called “Faceless Friends,” now that should save us a lot of trouble!