Oct 7, 2011


It's not a secret that I have a passion for fashion. And I also love photography. So I take pics of myself in different outfits, shoes, accessories and makeup, then share them with my friends on Facebook. Now does it make me an exhibitionist or narcissist I often wonder?

But trend means very little to me. I follow my own style, which is often 'grab the first one I see in the closet.' I always like it simple anyway!

So the clothes on the top of the piles in my closet get their fair chance to be out and about, while some of the unfortunately buried ones still haven’t even made it for their debut.

Sometimes when I have time and decide to dig in my closet to find something more unusual, I always have a pleasant surprise. But even when I choose to go out of my comfort zone (the clothes on the top in the drawers), I still follow one strict guideline: stick to what suits me!

Most Japanese pay great attention to their appearance. It's a nation obsessed with how other people think. But the tragedy is many of them don’t even mind being fashion victims when they try too hard to be different, or looking like a carbon copy of each other when they follow the trend blindly.

I like to observe other people's fashion and analyze their personality and character. Some of my friends prefer conservative style with wacky socks. It’s obvious they are saying, “I may look nice and harmless, but hey, I am also unique underneath. Find the true me if you can!” And I like them for that!