Apr 27, 2011

101. I Want To Be Evil

So I've been told many time I should write a book, to share my adventures in this city of sex disneyland we call Tokyo. Well, here we go, the first step.

My quest for love started 1 and a half years ago, the day after I kicked my ex out, the lying cheating bastard who I was stuck with for 12 years.

Phase one is best described as "I Want To Be Evil".

During this phase, I was struggling to stay sane and not to kill myself. So I went out to look for distractions, using many personal ads in Metropolis magazine where my ex found his women who he then seduced and video-taped their sex acts in our home with a spy camera, oh yeah, those poor women had no idea (BTW, if you are one of his women, hey, I still have your DVDs here!)

Now, quite understandably you would ask, so how did you find out? Hmmmm, it went like this:

Hey, these DVDs under his bed have some funny titles, "Wales vs England, 2007", "NZ vs Wales, 2008", etc., gosh, he is naughty (although, of course I didn't expect the extent of his naughtiness!) Well fine, since I'm bored out of my mind here, I shall sit down and take a quick look then! OMG, this actor has the same mole on his neck, just like my husband's. Wait... wait a minute, it IS him! Oh, and the dining table is the one I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner on every day! And this woman, wow, I didn't know he prefers the chubby type now! Oh, so he is not only the actor, but also the producer, writer and camera man! Quite multi-talented in fact!