Apr 30, 2011

104. Danke Schoen


Hector is 24 years old… I know I know, but hey, he is really Latin and all! And he makes movies! But then again, he also carries an eye line concealer!

Chris also replied, an American professor/ex-X-File extra. He is so in love with himself that he sent me 5 pics in his first email to me…

And finally, Mark. Here is his reply to my ad:

“Dear Unknown Advertiser,

Although I am not a professor, I do have a PhD.

Sorry for being late. I am not a regular reader of the Metropolis magazine and it took a while until I discovered you. I hope the application deadline has not passed yet. : )  At least for now, I would be the last gentleman to knock on your door.

Let me shortly introduce myself. 
German guy, 180cm tall, dark blond hair. Educated, like outdoor sports, in Japan for 1 year and 8 month, working in the medical products field. Independent, but sometimes lonely and 43 years old.  My mom thinks I am very handsome. When I was about 3 years old I almost looked link an angel.

Anyway, before I write an essay or send my poetry album, I want to make sure, that you are still open for new opportunities. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you. If you want, you can answer in German. 


Well, yes, he is special, but I realized that too late. I should have known though. But I guess I was just not ready then. Now he is back in Germany and I miss him terribly.

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