Apr 29, 2011

103. Shop Around


My second email address is sexysensei@yahoo.com, and the ad is:

Sexy professor, looking for the last gentleman in Tokyo. You should be warm-hearted, even-tempered, intelligent, handsome, and like reading.

As expected, I got many replies from professors and PhDs,  along with their recommended book lists :)

Massimo is an Italian Canadian teaching at a famous university here, "191cm tall, slim, healthy and hygienic". Hmmmm. Not that slim, but yes, very very hygienic! He is a great guy I must say. Very generous with everyone and caring, but also very MARRIED!

Peter is an Australian working for an international school in Yokohama. He plays in a band and has no friends. He has lost his heart somewhere a long time ago, so now he can't feel, for other people or even for himself, and yet he is still looking for love, someone to love him, of course, but not someone to love, because he has also lost the ability to love. He taught me nothing is forever and we should never expect anything or need/depend on anyone. Oh, and he never drinks!

Thomas also replied, not his only time though. He later replied to many of my other ads until we finally reached an understanding that he would always ask me first before he answered any more ads, for example, "Hey, is that you, the shanghai_love looking for a deliciously young-looking SWM???" You see, he enjoyed answering personal ads as much as I enjoyed placing them!

Now Thomas is something. Really, he has an excellent sense of humor, even though he is German. In fact, most Germans I bumped into here seem to know how to have a laugh.  One thing though, Thomas is so addicted to his quest for love that he just doesn't know when to stop looking anymore. Of course we all know men love channel surfing, while women often just find a channel they like and watch.

But I've met so many men like Thomas here, well-educated, good job, reasonably-good looks, but after having been here for a while, completely spoiled by all the attention they get from the Japanese girls, and now can never be really satisfied with only one woman for a longer period of time. As they grow older, they become bitter and extremely lonely. 

Oh and Thomas never drinks either! 

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