Apr 28, 2011

102. Mambo Number 5


Someone told me yesterday that I still sounded very angry with the whole saga. But really, I am not. Honestly! I don't feel anything when I tell the story now, except perhaps, pity for him. To live 5 years in all those lies! No wonder he used to have so much trouble sleeping at night! And I doubt he can sleep well for the rest of his life, knowing what he has done almost ruined many lives.

But I am fine now. Thank you very much.

The first email address I created was china_doll@yahoo.co.jp, and the ad goes:

Cheating wife, slender but curvy, big brown eyes, black raven hair, looking for some fun with a single (meaning, not married!) man.

The first day I got about 300 replies. The funny thing is, my original title for the ad was "Cheating husband's wife," but Metropolis magazine decided to change it to "cheating wife," for whatever reason.

Oh yes, I had fun, not only some fun, but lots and lots of fun, exchanging emails with the guys writing to me, most definitely drooling with lust. But somehow I didn't sleep around, although I did bring a sleazy Kiwi back home once, just to make my own history on the remaining furniture, you understand.

And I also met Tim, an American international school teacher. He is a decent guy though, but very depressed, and always drunk. He was in the similar situation, going through his divorce and all. We kind of helped each other through the darkest hours.

Once I asked him to take me to a love hotel, for the sake of science, you know, social science/human behavior/animal study/zoology...Well, OK, I just had to know why my ex seemed to find those love hotels irresistible!

Anyway, Tim and I didn't do much there and I had my research, although love hotels, in my opinion, are so over-rated. Well that was my first time and also my last time to a love hotel.

But later unfortunately Tim turned into a bit of a stalker so I had to stop all contact with him. I really hope he has finally found some peace and happiness now...

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