May 1, 2011

105. I Can Help

My 3rd email address is And the ad goes something like this:

Free afternoons? Looking for a sensitive, gentle, patient, adventurous, and skillful lover to have some fun with. Be nice to me, and I will be anything you want. No married men please!

Now, you can probably imagine how popular this one was, although there were still many married men among the replies. I've always insisted on this principle of no married men, especially after what I've been through. Of course I am in for some serious fun, but it's just not right to hurt anyone.

The only man I did meet from this ad is Ronald, an Austrian network consultant. He is philosophical, well-read, and a thinker/dreamer. In his first email, he asked me to prove that I am for real, so I replied, "Isn't it true that most men prefer fantasies?"  Thus we started our extensive discussion on fantasies. He said in one of his emails,

"Well, I admit to a certain affinity as one (imaginary) member of that species, the hero of Robert Musil's "Man Without Qualities" who thought that the real adventure were all within your head...But, then, maybe the interesting things in life are rather situated somewhere near the border between reality and imagination (which is not the same as fantasy). And, this is the reason why I would still insist on my small (cyber-erotic) Turing test. Wouldn't you?"

The first and only time I went to his place, I was impressed with the number of books he has (the only person I know who has more books than me), as well as his jazz composition (piano and guitar) and his cooking (ma-po tofu and steamed fish). OK, I admit we have many things in common, but as weird as it sounds, we've never done it! Perhaps we are just too similar, and it would be like touching yourself, wouldn't it?

Oh, again Thomas replied to this ad too, although this time he is Dutch and calls himself Lothar!

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