May 26, 2011

210. Babe

Maddy came to Tokyo on business last autumn, and stayed with me one night.

I was shocked when I met her again. She hadn’t changed a bit after all these year! We reconnected instantly, as if we had never parted.

She is still the same awkward genius. And we still love each other dearly, but differently.

I told her about how I left my ex, and how I was trying to get over Gerry. I cried a lot, even though I had this strict policy of never shedding a tear in front of people. Somehow it just felt all right to show her all the hurt in me.

As an engineer would, she tried to fix problems.

But I was hopeless, I guess. So she finally gave up and suggested I should probably just leave Japan, and move to the States…

We had one and a half days together. So I took her to Asakusa temple and ate my favorite taiyaki cake, and then we went to Akihabara electric town, well, don’t ask me, it’s probably just an engineer thing again!

She took many pics of me, often at odd angles. She said she wanted to show me how beautiful I was from different angles. But as usual, I hated my profiles!

The next morning, we got up and had breakfast, and she asked me about my type. So I told her I wanted to find a man who thought I was still beautiful in the morning, even in my pajamas and without a stitch of makeup. And she answered, “That’s too easy!” Oh well, I’m not so sure…

Later that day, I took her to Tsukiji fish market and she loved it. We snacked on the street, walked around the market, talked to the vendors, and almost made her late for her flight!

After she went back to the States, she sent me the song “Babe” by Ella on my birthday.

Good friends are such a treat in life.

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