May 5, 2011

109. Baby Keep Smiling

Seriously though, I really don’t understand why most men get so tense when they first meet me. Some of them would become so talkative and blurt out their darkest secrets, while others would be so tongue-tied and go trembling on me. Believe me, I always try to be nice and normal, as a normal person, I mean, instead of my outrageously normal self. And since I don’t really know how to play cute or dumb, I usually just listen and keep smiling!

And you would think successful men should be self-assured and confident, well yes, but only when they talk about money.

Ben, an  English teacher from Wisconsin, America, also replied to my 4th ad,

“Hi Professor. My name is Ben, I'm an artist, who is deeply interested in both painting and photography. With a wide variety of interests in economics, history, sociology, philosophy. From your message, I would suppose we are looking for the same thing? Respect and intelligent discourse. I truly enjoy the sensuous side of life also. Good food and drink, with friends involving spirited discussion. There is a lot more to me than this! If you are intrigued? Please E-mail back. Looking forward to hearing from you!   
Regards, Ben”

The funny thing about Ben is, he is an American who prefers to think himself as English. I was really freaked out by his trembling fingers when we first met at a café. We only met again once more after that. I decided not to see him again when he said “Cool!”, after I told him about my ex and his precious videos.

The last one I met from this ad was John, an English teacher from London,

“Dear friend,

It would be wonderful to meet a "real" woman for a change.  It's difficult to find someone like you.  But are you really intelligent, funny, sexy and beautiful??  Wow! You forgot to say that you are confident as well....

I am 40 years old.  I am from England. I am 183 cm / 85 kg. I am athletic and fit.  I have short brown hair and brown eyes.  Sexy and beautiful, hmmmm.... Maybe a little.

I enjoy good conversation.  I am sure that I could be your equal in that department.  I like a little humor, not necessarily sarcastic, but I like to have fun with people.  It’s not good to be too serious is it?

Hopefully I am intelligent. I went to a good university.  I have put the "Doctorate" on hold, but I am sure that I am capable of it.  I also have an IQ of 150.... My interests are reading, travelling, cooking, eating, fine wine and sports.  I regularly use a gym, but I am not fanatical about fitness.

I work as a consultant. Basically I use Community Centers for private enterprises.

So what are your weaknesses if you have any - ha ha? Also what do you do for fun.

Finally, please take care with this contact business. Lots of stupid people out there. Just look at some of the guys advertisements....

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

He is a decent guy. On our first date, I had to offer him my coffee cup holder after he completely destroyed his by playing with it nervously for almost an hour. We are still friends now.

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