May 30, 2011

304. Animal City

Many men seemed to have a hard time believing someone like me is still single. And some even had the audacity to ask what I did to drive my ex-husband away. Yeah right, it’s all my fault, I’m a monster who turned my once innocent ex-husband into a cheating bastard, and now just can’t find my next victim!

Oh no, I’m not going to start defending myself. It’s beneath me.

Last week someone asked me why I still haven’t found anyone, after 6 months’ membership at the dating website. He asked if I am very picky. Ha, if only he knew the half of it!

In fact, many of my friends have urged me to compromise. But I won’t, because I know he is out there somewhere. And I shall wait for him.

And in my defense, I am not even that picky. There are simply too many weirdoes!

Edward is again German. By now you probably think there are many Germans roaming around in Tokyo, but believe me, they are not as many as, say, Americans. But somehow I bump into them left and right…

He found me at the dating website. We exchanged several emails, and met for coffee finally. He has been married twice before, and now left deeply scarred. His favorite place in Tokyo is Roppongi, a regular at a famous single bar there. His last encounter is a Chinese girl who can hardly speak more than a few words of English. But I suppose they didn’t really have to talk much.

Edward has a senior position with a German company and collects motorcycles. He thinks I am the “model type,” which is his type I guess, but unfortunately he is not mine.

When we don’t hang out with friends, he prefers sitting in the single bar alone, while I prefer sitting at home alone.

I met Tom next. He is a British lawyer with a brilliant sense a humor, the only man who can do the wit ping-pong with me. Although separate, he has no plan to divorce, because he needs to see his little daughter every weekend.

According to him, Japanese wives don’t let their ex-husbands see the kids after the divorce. Don’t ask me, he is the lawyer.

He was hilarious to be with, we always enjoyed our flirty banter, and three was certainly chemistry.

But I stopped seeing him after our last cafe date, when he asked me to pay for his coffee, which I did, although surprised.

It’s funny how some men prioritize

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