May 3, 2011

107. Hey Sexy Lady

My 4th ad runs like this:

Gorgeous professor, looking for her equal. You don't have to be as beautiful and sexy as me, but you have to be as intelligent and funny as me! Single non-smoker please.

The first reply is from Tom, a 30-year-old American wizard kid/programmer/rocker/published writer, who insists on lowercases only:

“hello! is thirty too young for you? i think i'm pretty smart. well, i don't have a billion dollars yet, though i'm trying. i am not just a non-smoker -- i hate smoking and everything about it! right now i'm currently self-employed in a "creative" profession. i enjoy music (i also play the guitar), watching films, and reading literature. i run marathons from time to time. i haven't run one recently, because i'm trying to build muscle. i wish i could attach a picture to this message here. what kind of professor are you? i've always wanted to be romantically involved with a gorgeous professor. actually, "gorgeous" is probably my favorite word in the entire english language. my second favorite is probably "terrifying". if you are a terrifyingly gorgeous professor, that'd be fantastic.”

We met twice, really sweet boy.

The next one is Frank, an Italian Canadian scientist, scarily smart, speaks several languages fluently and definitely twisted. In his first email, he said, 

I am intrigued... it sounds like you are intelligent, funny, sexy and beautiful. Any other vices I should be aware of? Smiles, Frank”

So I replied, “Yes, I'm also wild, wicked, wacky, and very weird. Watch out!!”

And he answered, “even more intrigued. sounds exciting. :P:P  i can almost see myself reflected in your image. picture attached, do you have one too ?

We also met only twice, although we still keep in touch now. He has proven to me that size really doesn't matter!

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