May 28, 2011

302. Let’s Misbehave

Irvin is among the first few guys I met from this dating website. A real gentleman, I have to say.

He is a policeman from Canada. The first few emails he sent me were quite sincere and long. So we started to text each other, then soon skyped too.

A month later, he flew to Tokyo to meet me. Of course I knew before we met that he wasn’t exactly handsome. But I was still shocked when I lay my eyes upon him for the first time.

He was wearing a bloody kilt! OK, I admit it can look sexy on some men, and I do have a passion for miniskirts myself, but I was not prepared for THAT! He only needed a freaging bagpipe to complete the whole outfit.

But I thought, fine, he was just trying a tiny bit too hard to impress me. But oh no, he was wearing a different kilt almost every day during his entire stay! In Tokyo, on the subway train, on the street, everywhere we went, I had to ready myself in case someone asked where the parade was!

Also he is much shorter than what he said in his profile, and much chubbier than I remembered on skype. I immediately realized I had made a terrible mistake, but I still liked him, as a friend. So I tried to show him around in Tokyo, as a friend.

And I did. I took him to my favorite temple in Kamakura for the gorgeous autumn leaves. In Tokyo, we visited Omotesnado for the insanely early Christmas decoration, got ridiculously drunk in the izakaya several nights, danced in a funky old pub in Roppongi, and went to karaoke together and sang until our throats hurt. One day we even went to Hakone to see Mount Fuji.

Irvin is fun all right. It was always outrageous with him. But he is just so not my type.

After he went back to Canada, we didn’t keep in touch. I know it’s my fault, but what can I say?  He obviously has the yellow fever, but I definitely don’t have the blue fever! (Hey, hang on, that, might be something worth exploring…)

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