May 27, 2011

301. Mommy Is Hot

Arghhhhh, I’m so insulted!

Do I really have to state the obvious???? Fine, I shall then. ALL the names in my blog are fake! And yes, I’ve pretty much changed everything personal, in order to protect the people around me.

I might be naïve, but I’m not stupid! But look, if I only say good things about everyone, I might as well start writing TV commercials!

OK, enough exclamation marks, I think…

Now, after I joined the on-line dating website where Gerry was also a member, I’ve met many interesting men. Thus began Phase 3.

I consider it a necessary filtering process.

First thing is profile, well, I tried to be honest in my profile, although later I found most men just look at the pics, and completely ignore everything else!

Again I am very selective here. I never initiate contact, because I don’t do the chasing, which I believe is a men’s job. And I know the kind of men I want will find me eventually.

When I first started, I accepted on-line chats, but then I soon realized most men used chats to have free sex talk. So I suggested that they find a paid sex website. And I stopped taking chats.

I never check any profiles, unless I receive their interests first. But I can’t possibly read all the profiles, because there are just too many, different races, countries, ages (18-72!!!!), men and even women! It’s simply crazy!

So among the interests I receive, I only take a look at the guys who seem promising AND also have a pic. And if, and only if I like their profiles AND pics, I will then return interest.

Next I usually get emails from the guys I have returned interests to, although I also often receive emails from guys who skip the step of sending interests.

But I don’t answer the following emails,
--generic emails,
-- emails shorter than 5 lines,
-- emails with any grammatical mistakes,
-- emails from the guys not living in Tokyo,
-- emails offering me Japanese/English language exchange,
-- emails saying they want to marry or they are very rich.

And even if I answer their emails, I don’t meet them right away.

First I exchange several emails with them, just to make sure they can write and spell. And then I move to skype video chat, to see if they really have 2 eyes and 2 hands.

After I establish the fact that there is no missing limb or a bizarre twitch while talking, I will then grant an interview, the first date.

So you see, I don’t just meet random strangers!

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