May 11, 2011

115. Tango Lunaire

I finally got sick and tired of personal ads and decided to end my career as a serial advertiser. So I started tango.

I have always been fascinated by tango, the emotions of passion, pain, frustration, and anger. It’s a game of chase, struggle, and surrender. Man always takes forward steps, sometimes gently but sometimes forcefully, while woman resists, hesitates and backs away.

The thing is, all the fun ends when the chase is done and finished.

Anyway I need a partner for tango. So I found Keith, an English teacher from Australia. He is almost as weird and wild as me, although I know the limit and he obviously doesn’t.

We tangoed, and had great fun together! One night we went clubbing, gosh, I will never forget that night…

Wait, I need some wine before I proceed any further…

OK, ready? Hmmmmm. We started that night at a classy jazz bar in Roppongi. Beautiful people lounging around, music playing live but not too loud, lighting dark but still showing off my cleavage, cosmo for me and beer for him.

A slow and smooth start is best, wouldn’t you agree?

Next we moved to the most popular single bar in Tokyo, frequented by the western men on the prowl and the Japanese women who are into the white and rich. Usually I would revert to my analytical self and observe the pick-up skills happening around me, but that night all the aggressive stares were simply too unnerving, even though I don’t get intimidated easily, especially when I am a bit tipsy already. But that pub made me feel like an exotic bird in the zoo. So we left almost immediately.

Then we found this club where women are free, I mean, free to enter the place, and also free to play with, apparently the men there believe so anyway. Three men made a go at me in the10 minutes during Keith’s absence at the gents’ and I had to escape to the ladies’. That club is just like the petting zone of the zoo.

And again most men there are white and most women Japanese. A common phenomenon here in Tokyo.

But Keith and I just danced the night away. We totally lost ourselves in the beat and in each other. People’s stares seemed to only make him even more excited, while I was just too drunk to care.

The rest of the night is simply too x-rated to tell here. So I shall skip it now. Well, I might change my mind later when I have enough wine.

Right, I knew I could have a real good time with Keith, no strings attached, at least on my part. But I suspected he wanted more. So I had to stop our tango lessons in the end, although I was flattered when he told me I was the sexist woman he had ever met! Very flattered indeed, especially considering his extensive experience. We are still friends now. He has taught me to be honest to myself, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I still love tango, but the problem is, I always try to lead!  I think what I really need is a man who I can trust enough to let go of all my unhealthy self-restraint and allow him to lead! I don’t want to think anymore, I just want to feel!

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