May 7, 2011

111. Girl I’m Gonna Miss You

My 6th email address is It was during the World Cup Soccer, and I was sick and tired of all my friends talking about nothing else but football. So the ad goes,

Not your ordinary, sweet SJF, and I don't want t a tall, handsome and rich SWM, but you have to be a little twisted and NOT a football fan or a gym junkie, and NOT into pub hopping. No married man please.

Sean, a Chinese Aussie in IT, replied,

“Whaaa!!! What an interesting post! What pray tell do you mean by twisted? Someone that likes kicking dogs? Talks to inanimate objects? Is a new half? A necrophiliac? Can recite Newton's 1st Law of Gravity? Has a phobia of cheese? Me? Well I fall into some of the above, but not all (^_~) Cross-check: Married: Hahaha!!! Clubs: On occasion Pubs: Boooooooring Football: I'd rather watch paint dry or grass grow Hope to hear from you!”

Like me, he is addicted to cosplay and ice cream, but I always prefer big guys. I am petit but I just love to feel protected, or, hmmm, even dominated sometimes, on some special occasions... Well Sean does martial arts, although not a black belt like Mark. But I have to confess, I am really not attracted to Asian guys for some reason. So anyway Sean and I just hang out sometimes. He is great fun. I think he will make a lucky girl very happy one day!

Paul, a lovely Maori from New Zealand, also replied, with the title “Short, fat, bald man”,

"Hi Miss Unique, how’s your search for Mr. Twisted going? It's great to finally see someone honest and not into superficial characters / materialism etc etc. Thank goodness. Anywayz, I didn’t graduate from an ivy league variety...but I was able to do something productive for my efforts, am not into fancy stuff, but now and then I will treat myself a great meal or a surf trip to Chiba...I’m very simple in many respects and enjoy a good laugh and chat...Balance is a big must. I am in H.R. working for a Japanese company. It’s been a very interesting journey...Lets see...I cook travel and am very active. I'm looking for someone who is real and not pretentious or fake... Coupled with a personality, which is equally intriguing, open-minded with a free soul and cheerful disposition. If you would like to know would be great to hear from you.”

Paul is sweet and gentle. He sent me a song every day. But sadly I just don’t feel anything towards him, except a friendly fondness. I will always remember his parting shot though, “Princess, you will never find anyone good enough for you!”

So now I often remind myself not to be judgmental and always try to keep open-minded, although I have also promised myself that I will never compromise again. You see, I am happy as things are now, but of course I could be even happier if I have the right man by my side, but the worst thing that could happen to me would be to saddle myself with the wrong man again!

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