May 17, 2011

201. Get It On, Bang A Gong

By last summer, I had finally stopped taking the sleeping pills that actually made me even more depressed and suicidal. I shouldn't have trusted my psychiatrist anyway, a married Japanese man who proposed to have children with me!

So after some persuasion from Sean, my cosplay friend/ice cream buddy, I went on speed-dating with him, my first time ever.

30 men, 30 women, all in a small seedy club, eyeing each other up and down while conducting silly talks, and a bell ringing every 5 minutes to signal the next embarrassing encounter. Believe me, it’s not a pretty sight.

Half of the men there were Japanese, practicing English, seriously, many of them told me they were there just to practice English, not to look for girlfriends. And listen to this, one of them actually read out the sample questions, one by one, from a list the organizer gave us. You know what, I think they should have also provided a list of sample answers!

The other half were white and obviously bored, most of them English teachers with an appalling sense of fashion. One of them, after discovering my potential entertaining value, asked me to tell him a joke! Really, I am not kidding! He sat down, sighed and made his request. Well, I was very tired myself too, after giving so many free English lessons! So we ended up sitting there, staring at each other for the entire 5 minutes, although it’s really unfair, because he was so ugly that my eyes hurt from just looking at him!

I was the first one to make the escape, after all the interviews drew to an end.  But an American engineer followed me out. He reminded me of that guy in Rome who followed me several blocks until I had to go and hide in a toilet.

Later I found out some of the white men there were actually invited to make up the number. I think most women there were also a bit weird, me included, I suppose. But really, some of the women there were downright hostile, even though I am usually quite likable with men, women, boys, girls, dogs, cats, etc...

Till this day I’m still traumatized by the whole experience.

Although I tried to be very selective, I still got 4 matches, but I didn’t really fancy anyone. It was only for a laugh, at least I thought so at that time.

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