May 22, 2011

206. Addicted To You

I often think I’m probably the dumbest girl in the world. Why do I even bother to look anymore? Haven’t I been hurt enough? Do I really need love?

Well, I still have no answers, but I don’t want to give up hope, not yet. I still believe someday, somehow, I can find someone who deserves my love.

I am not a perfectionist. I am NOT looking for a perfect man, absolutely not. I am not perfect either, and I know nobody is. I’m prepared to love unconditionally, faults and all, but only with the right man, of course.

But many western men here in Tokyo are spoilt rotten by the Japanese girls. And they don’t even care why they are popular, as long as they can get whatever they want.

What really baffles me is they seem to think relationships don’t need much communication.

Some of them argue nonverbal communication is also essential. Right, come and get me, my caveman. Let’s grunt through our lives together, blissfully and peacefully, shall we?

You see, the reason why I don’t date Japanese men is, they simply can’t understand me, even if they have studied in the States for 2-4 years and speak English fluently. The problem is not only the language barrier, but also the cultural gap.

People often tell me how they feel close to me immediately because I seem to be able to understand them. All right, I admit that I do have this magical power! What can I say? I am a people person. I am curious about people, and I genuinely care.

But hey, I need to be understood too! Especially by my partner. Arghhhhh, I guess I’m stuck with the western men here.

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