May 6, 2011

110. Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me

My 5th email address is And the ad goes something like this,

Enough frog-kissing! Looking for someone romantic. Where are you, my prince?

Funny enough, the only reply worth mentioning is from Thomas, his 3rd attempt, titled “One More Kiss”,

“Hello evil princess,

I just found your ad in Metropolis magazine today… and since I am a really romantic frog still looking for his final kiss. I decided to give it a try and write to you!

"Let me just start off with my self-advertisement: I am a German guy, 41 years old, non-negotiable non-smoker and single, 188cm, good sense of humor, athletic type! Very kind and caring and much fun to be with!”

In the meantime, I also found a harmless-looking ad by a Kiwi who was looking for someone to explore Tokyo with, and I replied. In his first email to me, Glenn said,

“Thanks for your reply! Ha, yes, maybe it is unusual to want to find and not common at least for me to actually find friends via metropolis. I also haven't really explored much… and would be lots of fun to do together with someone ! Ok, so to start off .. hajimemashita .. or mashite .. hmm, hang on .. google ..ou .. hajimemashite ! .. so you can see my smooth Japanese :) So if this were a kinda natural setting say like a supermarket maybe ..after the first slightly awkward introduction what would I say ?? Hmm .. probably not the following ... I've been back in Tokyo almost 4 months now, from Sydney .. last here about 2 years back.. I'm also looking to get out of finance, into something more creative, might be able to tell you if you promise not to laugh :)

I guess it's also not so natural to reel off all the things you enjoy doing, so I had better not, but, just to say the things I love are, delicious cuisine in fine company, modern French now, red wine, sherry, chocolates, sushi, skiing, snow, car racing, making people happy, smile, laugh, fresh country air, forests .. how about you ? If you were meeting me face to face (ok, you could be on a step :) ) how would you introduce yourself ? Hope to hear from you soon!”

Glenn wasn’t the first man asking me out for a 2nd date on the same day, it was so obvious that he went completely head over heels for me from the very beginning. But he is in finance and by nature an extremely cautious man. After we met twice, yes, on the same day, the chemistry between us was so strong that he got scared and pulled back. Later I found out he was planning to move back to Sydney soon.

But anyway, I should have known better, he was wearing a pair of neatly pressed white jeans when we first met.

We are still friends now.

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