May 19, 2011

203. Jump Into My Bed

But Gerry does have his romantic side. On our first date he asked if I would like to take a walk with him before lunch, inside the station, on a sweltering summer day! I politely declined.

While we were walking towards the restaurant, he told me the place was 10 minutes walk from the station, which earned a glare and a death threat from me. But of course he was just teasing. The restaurant was right in the station building. And he paid for lunch, like a gentleman should, even though I offered to go Dutch. (Fine, I might be too old-fashioned, but it's just personal preference. I prefer real men with style!)

The first time he came to my place, he brought red roses. On his way here, he texted me twice and called me once to tell me that his train was late. Funny enough though, later he was never on time anyway, but he never apologized again.

When he finally arrived that day, he was wearing a black polo shirt and a pair of red jeans. He even brought a CD, to have some music on so that he could have the excuse to dance with me, of course.

No, we didn’t really do anything then, not until later that day when he asked me to have coffee with him, but then took me back to his place instead. Well, that cafĂ© was so very near his place…

That night, we made love all night long. And after that, it was basically what we did. A quickie during lunch break, long and hot sex on the weekend, first thing in the morning, last thing before sleep, whenever we had the chance, we were at it.

After the first night, he gave me his apartment key, and we started our very rocky, on-and-off, but always very passionate 3-month fling.

And we explored, each other, I mean. Ehhh, to be more precise, he educated me, the kind of education I had never had in all my previous academic life.

We did talk sometimes, in between our sessions, when we were simply too exhausted. He always wanted to talk about our relationship and how I felt about him, but it was too heavy for me, and I really hate arguing, so usually I just let him talk. He adores his voice anyway.

He is homophobic, understandably. And he loves shopping as much as me. Later I learned that he collects porn, among other things, and is known among his friends as Dr. Gerry, apparently quite an authority in this area.

He is polite to everyone, but secretly he looks down on everyone, and he seems to think he is hiding it very well. Hmmm…, probably not secretly enough after all.

But in fact, he is the most difficult man to please. Once he asked me to give him a massage around 2am, after you know what, well I couldn't refuse. I’ve always been very bad at saying no. So I forced myself to get up and massage him, even though I was about to pass out. (I know I know. Don’t even start!)  But he got angry because I was only using one hand. Well, sorry darling, I just didn’t have enough strength to use both hands!