May 12, 2011

116. Hot Hot Hot

I decided to take a break from Tokyo’s dating scenes. So I bought a ticket to Seoul, my usual retreat when I am in need of some pampering and retail therapy.

I had a crazy first day, did the required pedicure, manicure and foot massage, after I broke one pair of shoes and got cramps from walking around in my new 6-inches for 3 hours.

If you think I don't mince my words, you should try the Koreans! They really let you know what’s on their mind, loud and clear. I got blamed the second day for having a smaller-than-usual waist because the belt I bought needed extra holes. Imagine having to apologize for having a small-ish waist! I don't think I'm that small, honestly I am not. I can eat like a pig, especially the spicy Korean food.  But in Seoul, I got really tired of having to ask if they had sizes smaller than XS.

I also went to an amazing drum show, followed by a facial, a body massage and a haircut. But after that, my hair became super short and I felt like a freaking moving mushroom with 2 legs, so then I had to buy a watch to console myself. It is a great watch because you can have all the fun guessing the time, although you will still get it wrong anyway, and it looks fabulous as a bracelet!

But I found something bizarre there, people constantly touched me everywhere I went. The sales girls simply couldn't keep their hands off me, and even worse, they were always encouraging me to take off my clothes, well, OK, to try on the dresses! But really, they just wouldn’t leave me alone! They actually followed me into the fitting room and insisted on helping me change. I sincerely hoped they approved my choice of underwear!

And not only the sales girls, once I was trapped in a building equipped with a very complicated elevator system, and couldn't get to the floor I wanted. After about 10 different elevator rides up and down the building, I gave up. Then an old lady suddenly appeared from no-where, grabbed my arm (as if I had any energy left to escape after the exhausting elevator trips!), dragged me into yet another elevator, and personally escorted me to the floor I wanted to go!

I often got help in Korea, even without having to ask first, probably because I permanently looked like a lost lamb!

My greatest success of this trip is 9 sets of gorgeous lingerie and some really naughty stockings!

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