May 24, 2011

208. Beautiful Girls

Once somebody asked if most women hate me. Nothing is more ridiculous than that! Why? Just because most men seem to love me?

I am sooooooo frustrated with men sometimes, including those who fall hopelessly in love with me right away because of my looks, well, this I can deal with, because I just ignore them.

But I’m most troubled by the men who are allergic to beautiful women. They don’t trust me simply because I look suspiciously like the “model type.” Oh how I hate the word, “model type!” I am seriously insulted! I am more than that! Much more in fact! And if they can’t get over my looks, it’s their loss, not mine.

And my looks! I really don’t think I am that beautiful, no, definitely not the kind of beauty most men seem to be inspired to.

What I consider beauty is very different from most men. For example, one of my photographer friends once told me he stopped a 15-year-old Japanese girl on the street and asked to take her pics.

Now, I have to admit that I almost unfriended him just for that! Because for me, a kind, wrinkly face of a 60-year-old woman is beautiful, an innocent smile of a 3-year-old girl is beautiful, but a 15-year-old high school girl! Give me a break!

But I forgive him because he is a photographer who probably only sees the commercial value of a teenage girl, and then again he is also a man!

To be fair though, some men actually have the intelligence to figure out that I’m smart and funny, but, oh no, they are too clever, there must be a catch somewhere, because no one is that perfect, God forbid.

They think I am only a presentation, so they start to play detective. They analyze me and try everything to find faults in me.

And I really don’t need this. What you see is what you get. I never take myself too seriously, and I excel at laughing at myself.

I understand they are very good at what they do at work, but they just don’t know what’s real and what’s not!

To be perfectly honest, I’m too lazy to pretend. I have more interesting things to do than putting up a show for people. You can either love me or hate me. I don’t care.

I can never learn to play dumb and cute, or speak in a high-pitched voice like the Japanese girls…

As a result, only a few men have the courage to befriend me, and nobody is brave and confident enough to love me for who I really am.

So I often feel it’s easier to make female friends. If you know what I mean… :P

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