May 23, 2011

207. Chocolatero

Many people have asked about my type. OK, here we go,

Confidence. A man without confidence can never win my heart, because I enjoy scaring people away, especially when I’m scared stiff myself! But confidence is far from arrogance. He should be open-minded enough to accept new ideas and different opinions, and emotionally mature enough to admit and apologize for his mistakes.

Courage. He is not afraid to be honest with himself and with the others. He is not afraid to share his feelings or to pursue what he wants, without compromising what’s important to him. He still believes in fairy tales, even if he has been disappointed many times before, and everybody around him is living with all kinds of compromises. A dreamer and a romantic like me, basically.

Compassion. A good heart is rare to find now. But only kindness and generosity will keep me with him forever. And yes, he should be nice to animals, too!

Commitment. He stays true to what he believes in, and is prepared to fight for it. Stubbornness is good sometimes. Loyalty shouldn’t be forced. He doesn't cheat, only because he believes it’s wrong to hurt people, not because he doesn’t want to get caught!

Compatibility. He loves the way I love him, and he also loves me the way I want to be loved. What he considers important and unimportant in life is the same as me. In other words, we share the same values and expectations. We can inspire and fulfill each other, both emotionally and sexually. Our lives are enriched and completed because we have each other.

Chemistry. To me, a sexy geek who loves books and also plays some musical instruments is absolutely irresistible. Also, he should be at least taller than me when I am in my high heels, and should have enough muscles to sweep me off my feet and carry me away!

Finally, a mischievous grin, boyish and yet masculine at the same time, can melt me instantly. The very mix of angel and devil. Oh well, a bit like myself, I suppose. But I don’t find these men often. Perhaps just as well, they are lethal to me, almost as dangerous as chocolate!

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