May 9, 2011

113. Man Of The Hour

My 8th and last email address is HighheelsMiniskirt@yahoo,com, and the ad is:

Encounter of the third kind. Looking for SWM with an emotional depth greater than insects’ and a respectable amount of muscles.

Here is Frank’s answer, a history professor from America:

“Hi, I think I meet your desired criteria perfectly. I am 45, a professor of Japanese history (exactly where needs to remain untold for now). I run, lift weights and do martial arts. Let me know a little about yourself.”

But he forgot to mention that he and his girlfriend enjoyed threesome with anyone random, man or woman, regularly. And if you are into homemade porn, you have probably seen him…

Karl, a well-known Canadian businessman here, also replied to this ad. At first he told me he was divorced, but later confessed that he and his wife had an open marriage, well, so he said.

He invited me to overseas holidays many times, but of course I always said no. Once he asked me what was my dream in life. I answered, “A big house with a big fireplace, and a big dog!” and he said, “Oh, that would be very easy to arrange.” You see, he wanted me to be his mistress.

So I told him about my principle regarding married men, and asked if it was really not enough, just to enjoy a good time chatting and laughing with me. He is one of the few successful men I know who can still sound intelligent without talking about money. But well, of course he has his own definition of a good time, how naïve of me!

Later I told one of my friends about the big house, big fireplace and big dog. He asked me, “Nice! But how about an exclusive relationship? Don’t you want that too?” So I answered, “Yeah, the dog.”