May 8, 2011

112. Ma, He’s Making Eyes At Me

My 7th email address is, and the ad goes,

Brains, beauty and teeth, looking for someone to spoil me!

Yuri, a Greek American professor from New York, replied,

“Hello friend, many greetings from New York. Currently, I live in New York which, as you may know, is an excellent city to explore international life, arts and jazz performances. I hope to meet someone who is interested in travel, different cultures and interesting and intelligent conversations. I was born and raised in Greece, I have studied in the USA and I have a Ph.D. in economics and I teach at universities both in New York and in Europe.”

He is a nutcase, this one. His emails are always very long and attached with many pics of him at different parties. The only time we skyped, I felt like I was at a job interview for a maid.

Gary also replied to this ad. He is an American businessman living in the most expensive high-rise building in Tokyo, right in the middle of Roppongi, the red-light district for sad lonely western men. He is stinking rich, we are talking about serious money here, and yet he took me to Subway on our first date and I had a bowl of watery corn soup. His ex-girlfriend is a hostess/waitress. His luxurious apartment is full of cheap Chinese souvenirs from his many “holidays” there. I even saw a pair of earrings lying on his coffee-table the only time he showed off his place to me. I hope they are not his, for his own sake of course!

Around the same time, I also found an interesting ad and replied. And Ben answered in his first email:

“I would like to think of myself as a kind of deluxe plus edition of the American expat in Tokyo. So you definitely wrote to the right guy. I have a beautifully framed collection of "impressive" degrees adorning my parent's basement (right next to the of ski clothes from the 70s and early 80s that no longer fit anybody), and most dogs and cats like me (except the hip, swinger kitty who lives below my apartment). My Scottish and Indian accents are remarkably similar and I am not exactly sure why that is. I don’t just look at the cartoons in the New Yorker magazine.  If you are brave, maybe you can try my cooking. It is getting better all the time. At the very least, I make decent eggs and drinkable coffee and that's a start.“

Ben has a very impressive education background and works for a big American advertising agency here. He later found a Japanese girlfriend and encouraged her to contribute to their daily expenses by buying premium milk.