May 20, 2011

204. In The Summer Time

It was hot last summer, sizzling in fact.

Gerry has a motorbike. I have no idea why, but almost every man I have been seriously involved with lately is a biker! Once one of them told me I am the kind of girl bikers would like to put on their back seats, whatever it means!

So at first Gerry and I went to many places on his motorbike.

Since Gerry is new to Tokyo, I tried to show him around. I took him to different summer festivals, but of course he didn’t like any of them, not the traditional Japanese dance festival in Omotesando, not the samba festival near Asakusa temple, not the mega food fair in Azabujuban, no, nothing could ever impress him, except my boobs and my legs, it seemed.

So later we tried to stay indoors.

We focused on the important things, and when we had time, we fought. He said he went to the speed dating to find friends. Although I didn’t ask him how many “friends” he managed to find, he told me he had met a Korean girl before me, and he was planning to meet a Chinese girl, another match from the speed dating, but just to socialize, you understand! They had also exchanged emails, skype contacts, phone calls, and, socialized.

Now looking back I often wonder why I stayed. He had never stopped looking.

3 months into our “relationship,” one of my friends asked me to check out an on-line dating website because she had a profile there. So I did, and guess what I found, yes, Gerry was a member too,

Being betrayed was certainly nothing new for me, but believe me, it was still not nice.

I confronted him, and he explained he just wanted to find some friends. So I asked him why he needed friends with “beautiful legs to have a serious relationship, which can lead to marriage.”

But as silly as you might think it sounds, I even told him if he just removed his profile, I would forgive him and pretend nothing had happened

Oh but he refused! That’s right, he didn’t want to stop! So I broke up with him and became a member of the same website!

It was more than half a year ago when I bade him goodbye and wished him good luck. But even now he is still begging me to take him back, though I just don’t see any point for that. He doesn't know how special I am, and he will never cherish me.