May 21, 2011

205. Let’s Talk About Sex

One of the men I met at speed dating is an American voice actor called Ed, a rare gentleman here in Tokyo. At our first date he sweetly informed me that he was on a natural high. To be honest, I’ve seen many men in the same state when they are with me. They can’t stop smiling, they walk with a bounce, they keep blushing, they try not to stare too much, and they are happy! Oh and me? I am just glad I can make people happy!

I also met another man and we had a sizzling hot summer together.
But sex is really just a mind game.

I’m not suggesting that fantasies are better than reality, but having an active imagination is certainly very important. Many men think sex is mechanical, and orgasm is the goal, I guess that's why they don’t really mind who they have sex with, as long as they can get the result.

But the best sex is not about the ending; it’s about the process. A sideways glance, an escaped sigh, a gentle touch, a soft word, a certain smell. It’s all in your head.

The sex tension should be built slowly, and maintained at a certain level until you can’t bear it anymore. It’s all part of the foreplay. Well, that’s my sex philosophy anyway, but I’m also aware that most men think differently.

And chemistry works in a mysterious way.

I think many men consider me sexy, but I just don’t feel any attraction to most men. Many frustrating men probably wonder if I have some hidden issues. But in fact I am extremely sensual and wickedly sexual. I just need the right man to unlock my passion.

First of all, I can’t resist men with good brains. My knees go weak, seriously. They are simply too sexy!

I am also a confirmed M, although more into the symbolic game, rather than the actual pain. I can take charge sometimes, but only if I am forced to… ;)

And I like some muscles. Not like a Terminator though, mind you. Just the right amount to make me feel protected, cherished, but also dominated.

But intelligence, character, and muscles alone are not enough to make a man sexy for me.

I really envy those couples, who still can’t keep their hands off each other after 10, or even 20 years of marriage. To achieve that, I think, first it requires a very strong chemistry at the initial stage, it goes without saying. But what sustains it would be the inner beauty on both parties, which makes them still find each other attractive or even irresistible after all the years together.

Many men are so visual. I tend to avoid those men. Looks will fade one day. The real beauty is from within and will never fade with time.

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