May 15, 2011

119. Macho Man

The list goes on…

IV. Losers.

Men who have more female friends than male friends. They simply can’t compete, and they are very angry because of that!

Men who are short, fat, and bald. OK, if just 1 or 2 of the above, it’s still negotiable, but if all those three, oh no, there is enough inferiority and complex even for their shrinks to deal with. I won’t even try to fix them.

Men who hate their jobs. Unhappy people can NEVER love anyone, because they are too busy enjoying their misery.

Men without jobs. If I am really that desperate to be loved, I would just go to the animal shelter and get myself a dog!

Men without a college diploma. All right, I admit I am an intellectual slut, but seriously, I am definitely not an academic slut. I sometimes foam at the mouth when I find intelligent people, even if they don’t have any formal education. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life to convince them it doesn’t matter to me that they don’t have that piece of paper. They will never believe me anyway, because it actually does matter to them! But hey, I don’t have to carry their chip on my shoulder!

V. Stupid men

Men saying, “Oh I don’t mind your age.” Well excuse me, I don’t mind yours, either. In my opinion, age is as important as shoe size. So if a 60-something man can openly date a 19-year-old girl, why can’t I have a toy boy, I am not even 60 yet!

Men who get their priority wrong. They measure people’s success by what they own, instead of who they are. So they also believe all women are after what they own too.

Men who boast, especially about their money or the attention they get from women. They suffer from low self-esteem. And really, it’s a bit ridiculous to boast about their conquests in front of me, don’t you think? I prefer taking low profile myself, because I don’t want to scare people away!!!

VI. Boring men.

Men who write “hahaha” in their emails. They are so boring that they actually have to make an effort to appear funny.

Men who can’t understand my jokes. Is there anything worse than having to explain your own jokes???

Men without any interesting thoughts or hobbies. So now what, do I have to think for them and entertain them all the time? Yeah right, go and watch a movie, “help yourself,” or do something, anything!

Men who tell me to ask them any questions. Well, either he just loves to talk about himself or he is really not interested in getting to know me. And hello, is it an interview??? Can you even carry on a decent conversation?

Men who don’t drink or dance. They don’t know how to let go and enjoy life. They take themselves too seriously, can’t laugh at themselves and have to be in control of themselves all the time, including their heart. They can be easily offended too, watch out!

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