May 25, 2011

209. I Got A Girl

I am widely feared among my friends now. They are worried about what I might write in my blog. Hmmm, perhaps I should go and get myself a Godfather accent, just to make things more interesting.

But really, they have nothing to worry about. Friends are very important to me. I am usually the one who remembers friends’ birthdays, male and especially female! I’m stubbornly loyal.

Maddy is an old friend of mine from high school. Well, ehhh, in fact, she is my first love. Now guys, stop your wild wild imagination, would you? And wipe that stupid grin off your face, please.

I know some men get very excited when they think about lesbians, because they have this common fantasy of 3-some. But sorry, men, I am not into 3-some. I’ve always been a one-man girl, or, one-woman girl for that matter!

Now I am not saying I’m changing teams again, yet. But I really think in general women are much stronger than men, by far.

Of course I am very feminine and even girlie sometimes. But I am strong inside, just like most women.

Maddy is a tough one for sure. We went way back. OMG, I do have a type, and it’s true even with girls. She is a geek, very brainy, and really talented. She taught herself several languages and many different musical instruments.

We met in the summer after we graduated from high school, an all- girls’ school… I suppose I’ve always been quite adventurous.

It started as an experiment, but lasted the whole year during our freshmen year. We were so in love. Since we went to different universities, we wrote to each other every day, and called almost every day.

One thing most men simply can’t understand is, the kind of love between lesbians can actually be stronger than the kind of love between men and women. But they just can’t see it beyond “girl-on-girl actions”. None of my ex-bf has ever got jealous about me being with another girl. In fact, they loved to imagine that!

But what I had with Maddy was real, although naïve and pure.

We vowed to keep our relationship going, no matter what. But after a year, I was exhausted. Long distance relationships are just not fun! So finally we broke up, around the same time when I discovered most boys around me seemed to like me very much!

Maddy and I didn’t stay in touch after that, until half a year ago when she finally found me on Facebook, after a long search.

She is a programmer in the States now, very successful in her career, but still very closet in her love life!

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