May 31, 2011

305. Spend The Night

Blaine, a French man working for a fashion company, found me next. He sent me many pics of the food he cooked, the furniture he made, his motorcycle, his cats, etc etc.

When he showed up for our first date in his convertible, wearing sunglasses, black polo shirt, black jeans and a white sweater wrapped around his shoulders, with the most adorable dog by his side to complete the whole presentation, I had to try so hard not to laugh out loud. OMG, what a stereotypical playboy from some 80’s movies!

But I don’t give up on people easily. Call me naïve, but I choose to believe everyone is nice, until proved otherwise. And the funny thing is, this actually makes people want to be nice!

I often think I would make a prefect juror since I am real good at this presumed innocence thing.

So when Blaine asked if it was OK to go to the nearby video store first, I innocently said no problems. But in the shop he kept asking what movie I wanted to watch! I had to tell him many times to pick anything he wanted because he would be the only one watching!

Later, instead of going to a café as we previously agreed, he suggested that he cooked for me in his place.

Of course I knew what he had in mind. But I was curious. He is certainly not boyfriend material, but he is interesting enough as an observation subject. And I just don't get scared easily anyway.

So I finally agreed. He took me back to his beautiful old apartment. And he can certainly cook! He runs a meticulously tidy kitchen too.

For the afternoon entertainment, he showed me how he liked his dishes, cups and cutting boards to be washed, how he labeled and stored all the ingredients and home-made dressings in different size containers in the fridge/freezer, and how he liked me to stroke his arm!

But it was real boring stroking his arm, so I started to stroke his cat instead. Hey, the cat purred, not to mention much cuter too! But then he just pulled my hand back to his arm. And we played this several times, until I gave up and stopped stroking altogether, him or the cat.

But he finally and completely freaked me out by repeatedly saying, “If you were my girlfriend, I would do this and that…”!

So I politely asked him to drive me back. Although he begged me to stay and spend the night, I held firm. So after he reluctantly dropped me home, he didn’t call me after a month, and by then I had all but forgotten about him!

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