May 14, 2011

118. Pussycat

The following men are also on my black list:

II. Womneizers.

Men who have cheated before, dated married women before, or think it’s OK to anyway. I’ve made this particular mistake once, and as a result I’ve paid 12 years for that. I will never believe them even if they say they have since evolved. “Once a cheat, always a cheat,” advised one of my ex-friends who is a cheat himself.

Men who have dated hostesses, models, actresses, hairdressers or girls more than 10 years younger than themselves. I’ve got nothing against those poor girls, mind you, but it just makes me wonder how long I have got until they finally replace me, 5 years max?

Men with wondering eyes. The worst type. No respect fro me at all. If I am unfortunate enough to have to sit through the first date, I would just return the wondering eyes and check out all the cute guys in the proximity. Hey, I might as well start my own market research, and I don’t even bother to hide it. Well, they didn’t, so why should I?

Men who try to dance with me the first chance they get. They are the smooth operators. But I’ve already seen one too many!

Men who start calling me honey on the second date. Well sorry honey, but are you sure you still remember my name?

Gym junkies. They are vain, and they do it to attract girls. I would rather date hamsters. They are much cuter.

Men who drive sports cars. It spells midlife crisis. They change women faster than they change cars.

III. Selfish men.

Men who take me for granted. I can only be nice to them for so long. For God’s sake, I’ve got better things to do in my life, i.e. training my plants to think like camels!

Men without any friends. They don’t need me either. Or rather, they don’t want to need me, or anyone else for that matter. They are usually chronically depressed and very lonely. They are afraid to depend on anyone, and they don’t want anyone to depend on them either.

Men who don’t insist paying on the first date. I usually try to pay, but if they don’t insist and just let me pay, I won’t see them again. Very simple. It’s not my job to teach them how to be a gentleman!

Men looking for mothers. Maybe I am just not that maternal…

Men who are rude to waitresses. So what’s your problem now, man?

Men without compassion. I’d rather spend some quality time with a stone.

Men who are not emotionally mature enough to cry like a baby.

Men who can’t be honest with themselves. They just don’t sound very convincing to me, probably because they have a hard time trying to convince themselves!

Men with small handwriting and extremely complicated signatures. They have equally small and complicated mind.

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