May 4, 2011

108. Woman Is The Root Of All Evil

I guess I do have this soft spot for the Germans somehow. The next reply is from Stan:

“Hello there, gorgeous professor! Here’s your equal - they call me funny and intelligent - although I’m from Germany. Just moved to Tokyo ten days ago to work as director at the Tokyo Head Office of my company. I’m 45 going on 35, single, tall, with multiple interests (sports, movies, art, history, architecture, food, music...) and probably nearly as sexy and beautiful as you. If you want to give it a try,  send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a photo just in case you have any doubts. I really fall for intelligent women, especially the sexy ones. That’s a great combination so I really would like to get to know you. Best regards, Stan”

He was everything he said, except that he wasn’t single, yet. He was still in the process of his divorce, and even worse, new in town, which is a big no-no on my book. You see, western men coming here always immediately get swamped by all the cute, petit Japanese babes everywhere and go completely goo-goo eyed.

Oh I was seriously tempted all right, it would be so easy to fall in love with him. But I pulled all my strength together and resisted. In fact I am really proud of myself. No regrets here though, because later he was soon proven not at all ready for anything long-termed and turned into a real party animal. No kidding, you can run into him in the clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, live-houses, practically anywhere you go! Next time you see a tall German at a party, just call him Stan, you have 99% chance to be right. Anyway, we are still friends now, the way I like it.

David from London also replied to this ad,

“I like your advert. How clever should I be? Happy to talk and offer you an assessment of my mental capabilities. I qualify on your other criteria but sense of humor depends on gender and culture, I suppose. I am English and living in central Tokyo and in business but I have lectured at a University in Tokyo.”

He is in fashion, very successful I think, and seems to be always surrounded by models and actresses. We exchanged many interesting emails before we finally met at a wedding café in Omotesando, when I discovered he was severely handicapped by his emotional baggage from his recent divorce. After listening to him talking about his alleged crazy ex for an hour, I failed to see any similarities between me and her, a former hairdresser and 20 years younger than him, except that we are both Asian. 

We never met again.