Dec 6, 2011

Down With Love

This is the second cold I caught in 2 months. The fist one was totally unavoidable. After talking with many sick students for weeks, I finally gave up the fight and joined everybody else in town. But the second one was rather unforgivable. I just didn’t wear warm enough clothes when I was out the other day. Well, the price I pay to look hot is this cold!

So now I am officially sick again. Following the same routine, I ran to the doctor, grabbed my antibiotics, and promptly announced it to anyone who cared to listen. And then I made myself a cup of steaming ginger tea with lots of honey, turned on the heater, carefully wrapped myself up with layers and layers of blankets, put a box of tissue right in front of me, dug out Strauss from the pile of CD grave, and now I am ready for some serious self-pity (although waltz made it quite difficult.)

The weather is even perfect for being sick, cold, gray and wet. A friend just informed us on FB that he’s sick too. And he thinks the best part of being sick is getting over it. Of course he is right, but look at the bright side, going down with a cold is definitely not as deadly as going down with love.

And it’s the only time we don’t need any excuse to spoil ourselves. Plus you can commiserate with your sick friends too, discussing your symptoms and updating your status with each other.

Hmmm, now since I am too sick to make myself some chicken soup, I shall go and get some from that soupstock place then. Uhhhhh, the apple pie from the bakery next door is very yummy too. What else? Oh yes, chocolate! Sick people can eat as much chocolate as we like and never put on weight, don’t you know?