Dec 25, 2011

Holiday Blues

The more sophisticated way to put it is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). That nice doctor on YouTube just convinced me it could be life-threatening.

I wonder how many people are sitting at home alone like me on the Christmas day. Not many, I hope. Most people would rather meet their friends and have a drink in the pub, even if they are not with their family.

But Christmas means nothing to me. First of all, I am not a Christian. And second, I am used to be alone at Christmas anyway. Being immune to Christmas also gives me the advantage and distance to observe other’s holiday blues.

I had another marriage proposal this morning, and dispensed my free advice to a friend who is lovesick and another friend who is sick of love. I refused the proposal as gently as I could, told the first friend to propose to his girlfriend immediately and the second one to break up with his as soon as possible and move on.

So after a phone call from Australia, some Facebook messaging with the first friend in the States, and a Skype chat with the second friend in Italy, I marveled at how the holiday affected people.

We all need love, but why especially in this season? I know they are all with their family now. Isn’t that enough? Or is it exactly because they are with their family?

When they watch their brothers smiling tenderly at their sister-in-laws, when they see their nieces and nephews running around giggling, or when they realize their aging parents are getting even grayer now and will be gone one day, do they then suddenly feel truly and utterly alone?

I suppose it’s too late to wish them Merry Christmas this year. So instead, I wish they could soon find that special someone to have every happy Christmas with, or I shall start charging them for my advice!