Jan 4, 2012



You can be alone without feeling lonely, a bit like you can live without feeling alive.

I am not saying you need a relationship to feel alive because believe me, you can feel very dead when you are trapped in a bad relationship. In fact, you can feel lonelier being with the wrong person than being alone all by yourself.

Of course we all want to fall madly in love and to feel passion, pain, and all the other stuff. When love only brings you joy and no pain, ha, just you wait. But when you don’t feel passion, hmmm, you have an even bigger problem.

Many people live their everyday life feeling nothing inside. It’s the choice they made. An old friend once told me he was content and at peace with himself and by himself. He didn’t want any ups and downs of the love drama in his life. So far everything has been going well with him except his depression and extremely rare outbursts of emotions.

I’ve never envied the life of monks. They have to love too many people, while I only ever want to love one man. So now I am just waiting patiently for that glorious day when the one who can make my heart beat faster comes my way. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait, but I am sure he is out there somewhere.

The secret is hope.