Jan 16, 2012



Many of my friends use dating websites to find the love of their lives. Some lucky ones have actually succeeded and got married this way. I don’t know how they managed that. All I see is red flags after red flags in people's profiles, for example:

(1) 6-month premium membership. Now how do they know 3-month basic membership won’t be enough?

(2) In search of an open-minded person. They are married.

(3) No photos, or have a photo but wear sunglasses, hat or both. They are in a “complicated” relationship.

(4) Photos showing too much skin. Is this the meat market now?

(5) Photos with a puppy. They are not cute enough, so they need a puppy in their photos.

Special warning: there is a photo with a gorgeous guy half kneeling down on the lawn and a Labrador puppy next to him. It’s a scam. I’ve seen this photo used by many different names.

(6) Opening line is “Hi ladies.” Notice the plural?

(7) Many grammatical mistakes. How can you communicate with each other? Sign language?

(8) “I am educated.” Arrogant bastards. They will make you feel like a Philippine maid.

(9) “I want a clean and thin woman.” They want sex. Clean sex.

(10) Promise to reply to every inquiry or have their email addresses skillfully and sneakily listed. They are desperate.

(11) Occupation is “other.” They are jobless. 

(12) "Insincere people need not reply." They are still struggling with their emotional baggage.

(13) "Willing to relocate to different countries." What's wrong with their lives there? What you mean to them is only a visa to come and live here.

There must be more. But gee, we really have to try to think positively, don’t we?