Jan 19, 2012

Bedroom Bounty Hunter


Sometimes I really hate my thoughts. Here is one of them:

Is Tokyo infested with players (when they have money), losers (when they don’t) and losers who want to play (the worst case)?

I’ve been pondering what love means. But I’ve reached the most unfortunate conclusion: I should probably try to understand what sex means first, especially if I ever want to understand men.

Naturally I would like to believe not every man thinks that sex is to be scored or boasted about. I remember once a friend told me he considered sex as a present only for someone he cared for. Of course he enjoyed it too, but he focused on giving. He was French and drove a red Ferrari. Go figure.

Nevertheless it got me thinking. What made a guy go around telling girls he had this special gift just for them? Hang on, did he mean “gift” as a talent? Well either way, has this line ever worked with any girls?

I shudder to imagine a girl using the same line, "I have this gift only for that special someone. I just love giving."

Are there indeed some decent, charitable gentlemen who enjoy helping “women in need” even though they usually live like a monk when they are not otherwise engaged in any philanthropic activities?

I honestly doubt it. But then again perhaps I am wrong.

So I still don’t know what sex means to men. :(