Jan 20, 2012

Sexy Back


I know most women need to feel love first to have sex, but do men need to have sex first to feel love?

Granted, most men can easily separate sex and love while women can’t. But I am sure many women still marvel at the biological difference. Here I’m going to share this secret with all the sisters out there: stop asking why or how? Just ask yourself, “Can I go without peeing for a whole day?”

Got it, girls?

But does the same logic also apply to cheating? Once a friend suggested it is less hurtful to a woman if her partner cheats because she knows sex is just sex for men. But it could be devastating for a man if his partner hooks up with another man because of pride or some mysterious macho reason.
There might be some grain of truth to that theory. Perhaps men are more territorial than women. But I certainly don't agree it is less hurtful for women because in both cases it is about betrayal. A relationship without trust will not go far.
A friend came back to Japan yesterday on business after he moved away half a year ago. The first thing he did was going to a professional massage parlor called Golden Fingers and had a wonderful hand job with a very happy ending.
I was a bit worried about his mental state at first. But he assured me it was much cheaper and less time-consuming than courting a woman in order to get a good quality hand job like that. (FYI, 5,000 yen and 20 minutes in his case :p) I am glad he can rationalize it well and I am also certain last night he had the best sleep he had in half a year.
Some toilets are paid toilets, some are free if they get lucky.