Jan 29, 2012

Let’s Chill


Tokyo is frozen. We can still see last week’s snow on the street. My half dead plants on the balcony have completely given up. I’m not sure if I am watering them or icing them anymore.

But we still have to go out, even if it’s just to show ourselves we do still have some social life going on. So I accepted this invitation to a charity buffet to save Fukishima animals that were left behind after the earthquake. Then I spent the following two weeks dreading if they would have many photos on the wall and I would have to eat with all the cats and dogs staring right at me.

Luckily they didn’t. There were some photos, but all of the cats and dogs seemed smiley. And the people there were even friendlier than the animals. Most of them were shy, but when they started talking about anything with four legs, their eyes lit up and they forgot their shyness.

Some of them have braved the radiation zone to rescue the animals. And many of them still go to Fukushima regularly to take care of the dogs and cats they have rescued. I admire their dedication and perseverance. You can only make people believe if you truly believe. It’s the kind of passion that can make a difference and change the world.

I’m glad I went and met so many wonderful although a bit weird people. But now I’m just trying to stop wondering how those deserted Fukushima pets can get through this bitterly cold winter.