Jan 30, 2012

I Want Your Sex


Tokyo has the biggest underground sex industry in Asia. Unlike Bangkok and the other Southeast Asian cities, sex here is not exactly out and open. You have to know where to look. But it’s carefully catered to every whim of man’s desire.

There are various exotic entertainments such as happening bars, ear cleaning maid cafes, diaper change parlors, train groper pubs, S&M clubs, soapy massage baths, deviant sex shows, etc. You’ve got to hand it to them. Japan is definitely leading in the sex games. Who says they don’t have imagination??

Compared with all the above, hostess bars are probably the most innocent. There are many beautiful girls there with sad stories. If I were a Tokyo university graduate and had to support a poor family of 14 plus a dying mother in the hospital, I might also consider working as a hostess myself. Why not? It’s the fastest way to Gucci bags, even though I am not into brands.

Seriously, I have nothing against hostesses. Hot chicks have got rent to pay too, and it’s certainly their choice how to pay it. Japan has the healthiest attitude towards sex. Porn stars can host children’s TV programs. Porn magazines are displayed in every convenience store and salary men read them openly in the train.

And if you are against paying for sex, Roppongi is always full of willing girls if you are lucky enough to be white. I still remember many happy faces of my western male friends when they talked about Roppongi and the new comers’ eager and fascinated voice when they questioned me about Roppongi in detail.

Welcome to Tokyo.