Dec 7, 2011

I Didn’t Do It

Cheating is an art, if you don't get caught, that is. Sadly, most people do get caught.

I understand that for some people, they need the ego boost for their lower than average self-esteem. What puzzles me is how they could be so arrogant to assume they won't get caught. Or do they also have lower than average IQ?

Their partners are probably just too wise to discover the game they are playing. Many women know their husbands are cheating on them, but they simply decide to turn a blind eye to it because they prefer having a cheating husband to having no husband at all. But sooner or later, the shit will hit the fan and nobody can pretend anymore. That’s when the real war begins.

So a clever man doesn’t cheat. He flirts. His motto is, “Get your appetite outside, but eat at home.” He never misses an opportunity checking out the babes in the pub (for the appetite), or talking to the hot chicks at the restaurant (for fanning the appetite), even when you are sitting right next to him.

He can hang out with his best friend who happens to be a gorgeous single girl, in fact, they text and talk to each other every day. But do not panic, they have known each other for years and although they do everything together, they have never actually hooked up (yet).

Oh but of course you have your pathetic suspicion. You can tell something is going on from the way they baby talk to each other, the shifty eyes when he talks about her, and the playful tone he reserves for her that is definitely not there when he talks to his mother.

But if you confront him, you will then most certainly be labeled insanely jealous. Honey, it's all just in your imagination, because look, they have never done the deed and they are not doing it now. There is no smoking gun, so to speak. So what can you do???

They are the true artists of cheating. It's emotional cheating.