Dec 10, 2011

I Don’t Wanna Get Over You

I have learned to block painful memories, like every sensible person should. So now we all carry this emotional volcano with us wherever we go. Psychiatrists encourage us to understand our history of misery and rationalize. But I think they should just teach us how to block, bury, and blank it all out. Eventually that part of our past will be forgotten.

It's like cancer, there’s nothing to analyze. Granted, we cannot have our volcano surgically removed, but at least we can kill the volcano and make it a dead one. Well, I've learned a few tricks over the years, especially in the department of heartbreaks:

-- Rule number 1, stop listening to songs like “I Don’t Wanna Get Over You.”
-- Cry as much as you like, but ignore you have a brain. Do not think. Just feel the pain.
-- Delete all her photos, and remove her from all your contact lists, Skype, Facebook, mobile phones, email accounts, whatever you’ve got, so that you don’t call/write to her “by mistake.”
-- Eliminate all the stuff associated with her. Throw away her shoes for God's sake!
-- Establish new routines in your life. Avoid all the restaurants, pubs, museums, and shops you used to go together, and find other interesting places. And if you live in a village, you can always stay home and begin your Internet dating career.
-- Transform yourself. Assume a new identity and be a different person, i.e., start a band and become a rock star.
-- Find someone to hang out with or play with but always remember it's only for the transition period. Don't get too involved immediately, because you are not ready, and there is no excuse to hurt anyone just because you are hurting inside.
-- Move countries, if all the above fails. Take myself for example, Japan is my 4th country.

See, it’s not that hard really. You can do it, too!