May 6, 2012

Here For A good Time

We all collect business cards. And we give away our cards too, sometimes.

I usually don't carry mine around, because I don't know who to give them to. People can find me if they want to anyway. We are a big happy family called Facebook. But even without Facebook, everybody is somebody's friend in Tokyo. It's too easy to track people down here.

However, business cards are still very useful, especially when you want to compartmentalize your life. Some of my friends have different cards for different people, often company cards for men and private cards for women.

Don't get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against this system. But if you do that, you will just have to be careful and not hand them out at the same time. Here, nice to meet you, I would like to talk business and football with you sometimes, and here honey, let's meet up for a real good time soon.

Look, I don't feel the need to discuss football with anyone, and business is the last thing I have in mind when I meet some stranger in the pub. But hey, am I a child now? Why can't I have your real business card? Doesn’t my mini-skirt look serious enough for you?

But the worst is when someone gives your friend or partner his card and completely ignores you. You are not even a child now. You simply don't exist!

It does make me wonder though, do they still believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen?