May 22, 2012

Melting Pot

I just got back from the Kiwiland again – with my newly acquired MRS title this time and a blinding rock on my ring finger, still dazed but no longer confused.

One morning when we were at a café there, it suddenly struck me as odd that the only Asian faces we saw in most places we visited were all behind the counters.

Auckland has an amazing diversity of cultures. But it seems that all those cultures haven’t really been properly melted into one pot yet. In fact, it’s only half-cooked now.

I watched this movie on the flight back, “Apron Strings.” It’s a serious chick flick (oh yes, it can be done!) about two New Zealand families – one Indian and the other Caucasian. An engaging story as well as thought provoking. It reminds me of another movie, The Joy Luck Club.

To be honest, I am used to being stared at anyway - being a teacher (and a gorgeous one)! But it’s disconcerting to hear people talking like I was not there. I’ve never found myself lost for words, but how do you start a conversation with a Caucasian woman at next table noisily expressing her concerns for the Caucasian men dating “all those Chinese women”?

Excuse me, but I am very concerned about the Asian women there dating “all those Caucasian men” too!