May 4, 2012

I Like Chinese

Many westerners have this fascination with the Orient. Perhaps one reason is that they know they are worshiped like God here in Asia. It’s not only Chinese, all Asians are ready to please!

If you are an expat in Asia, congrats, you are in the right place. Those short people around you simply adore you. Even if you are living in your home country, you can surround yourself with all the Asian women who want to immigrate to your country. No worries.

But of course the best place to be is Asia. The problem is, when you are treated like God everywhere you go, sooner or later you will believe that you are indeed God. Here you can get away with anything you could never imagine yourself doing back home.

For example, when a 19-year-old Japanese girl comes up to you at the gym and all this poor girl wants is to have free sex with you on a regular basis, how can you say no?

You might even start to fantasize that you now have developed the pulling power you could never dream to have in your home country. You have definitely become God here!

Let's not underestimate the power of believing. Once you believe you are God, you are invincible now. You can do anything you like, such as helping married women at love hotels, partying at dodgy Roppongi clubs, enjoying happy ending massages, having threesome with teenage girls, going to orgies at friends’ penthouse suites, getting a one-night stand every night, etc. It's a paradise you can never leave.

There is no right or wrong anymore. You make the rules. You are entitled to maximize your pleasure in every possible way.

Welcome to Tokyo. We love you!