Feb 13, 2012

Be My Valentine


It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I was thinking about having a singles’ party and inviting all my single friends over to make chocolate together. But in the end I decided to have all the chocolate to myself.

After slaving away in the kitchen for over 3 hours and trying to make sense of this new truffle recipe, blueberry milk chocolate coated with dark chocolate, now I still smell of chocolate. I don’t think I can stand the sight of chocolate for at least another month.

In Japan, we celebrate Valentine’s Day very differently from any other countries. Girls have to give chocolate to all the guys they know, including their male colleagues (giri-choco, which means “courtesy chocolate”) and their partners (honmei-choco, which means “true-feeling chocolate”). And then on White day, March 14th, guys will return the favor by giving something more expensive to the girls.

Japanese love all the western holidays, Christmas, Halloween, and of course Valentine’s. Now they not only embrace Valentine’s Day whole-heartedly, but they have also made it completely their own.

There is no surprise that White Day was cooked up by the Japanese confectionery industry. It was originally called Marshmallow Day, but then soon it became big and marshmallows were just not profitable enough. Thus white chocolate, white lingerie, white jewelry followed. Now all industries benefit from this beautiful day.

OK, business talk again. Honestly I’ve been wondering why we still don’t have Easter here in Japan. It’s such a no-brainer! Rabbits are cute and Japanese adore everything cute. And who can sell chocolate bunnies better than Professor Usagi?

Please contact me if you are interested in investing my (yet another) new business. Let’s start making some serious yen!