Feb 7, 2012

I Just Called To Say I Love You


I know I am picky. What can I say? I just choose my man carefully. But I don't think I am high maintenance at all.

Okay, I know many of my disgruntled ex-suitors will disagree. Of course the worst type is a high-maintenance girl regarding herself as low-maintenance.

But honestly, maintenance starts when you own it!

Many guys probably don’t know this, but all you need to get into a woman’s heart is to build the connection with her. The thing is, women need to feel the connection with their men, while men are capable of disappearing for days.

So usually men think women are just too emotionally needy and fail to form the necessary attachment for women to feel secure enough to surrender their heart.

You see, men just don't have the need to express their longings and feelings, even if you are everything they can think of when they are not watching football. However, women wonder how football could be more important than a short text saying, 'I miss you!"

So girls, if you are lucky enough to find a man who texts you everyday to say good morning and good night. Grab him while you can. He has been properly trained.

And when you both feel ready, he can then whisper that in your ear in bed every morning and every night.