Feb 10, 2012

Happy Go Lucky Me


When a man tells me he is happy when he can make me happy, well, I am happy that he is happy even if all I do is just allowing him to make me happy. But of course I would like to find a man with whom I feel happy when I can make him happy too. (Note: no sexual innuendo is intended or inferred here!)

Many of my friends work hard to save money. They know money can't buy them happiness, but they believe they can have security and freedom one day when they have enough money. So they decide to live for tomorrow, but they forget to live now.

And let’s face it, there is never enough money. They all want more. One of my older and wiser friends told me that it takes a lot of courage to retire from all the financial comfort and delicious power. Without the money, they feel inferior. Without the job, they feel naked.

I am not saying it's wrong to save money, mind you. I was an accountant for heaven's sake. Accountants are cautious about money. But I'm happy with what I have. And I don't covet what I don't have.

When I look at my friends, almost all of them are unhappy about something. I often feel the negative energy they exude. Sometimes I try to help them, but often I have to give up after a while and leave them to enjoy their misery alone.

In the meantime, I shall just stay positive. It’s really not difficult to be happy. Just think about all the Valentine chocolate you can eat next week!